Your support goes directly to patient care.


No entry is needed under Area of Support. Please ensure that “Care2Prevent” is listed under the designation name. 

Donate Now

Your donation goes directly to client services. Any amount helps! 

  • For$10, you can provide a safe ride for a client to get to an appointment
  • With $25, you can keep a client warm with a winter coat 
  • At $50, you will give a week of food security for a newly-diagnosed client
  • For $100 you can provide an emergency behavioral health response for clients in crisis
  • A $500 donation will deliver 10 at-home HIV and STI tests to clients in need
  • At $1000 you can secure housing with security deposit assistance for a homeless client
  • With a generous donation of $2500 you will be able to prevent HIV by providing two months’ worth of PrEP for an uninsured client

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.