Virtual Workshops


Virtual Workshops

Fridays at Virtually

Care2Prevent is working to continue bringing you services while practicing social distancing and ensuring that we play our roles in keeping our friends, family and community safe. Both the pediatric and adult clinics are continuing to operate on Mondays and Wednesdays, but times have been scheduled earlier, from 3-5pm, and visits are limited to those who must be seen in-person.

Case managers are still working with their clients, as are behavioral health therapists. Nearly all communication, however, is being done over the phone or through other electronic means.

Our Facebook page has been very active with educational workshops and Q&A sessions! You may find recorded workshops on our Facebook page, as well as information about when such events take place. While at it, check out our new YouTube page! Workshop topics have included a series on pleasure, self-worth, beauty, body and autonomy, and a COVID-19 resources information session and typically take place at 1pm on Thursdays or Fridays.

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