Counseling and Behavioral Health


We offer non-acute outpatient mental health services in a safe and supportive environment to LGBTQ and HIV+ youth and adults. Our multidisciplinary team consists of licensed clinical social workers, a clinical psychologist, and master’s level graduate student interns. We provide individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy to people who experience any of the following: depression, anxiety, poor concentration, recent loss of a loved one or significant other, difficulties with HIV medication adherence or a change in HIV status, troubled or abusive relationships, parenting struggles, nervousness or tension, poor body image, difficulty adjusting to a major life change, low self-esteem, and substance abuse or dependence. We are particularly sensitive to the important issues facing today’s LGBTQ, HIV+, and youth of color communities. Although we do not prescribe psychiatric medications in our clinic, our staff will work with clients to make referrals for psychiatric medication needs as appropriate.

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